With this high-tech map and GPS-tracker, you can track your rides in just a few seconds. You can even track several horses at the same time!

In a busy life as a horse owner and/or competitor, you must always prioritize whether new routines and tools should be adopted.

Do they benefit you enough for you to go through the trouble of  implementing them?

Tracking workouts can be tedious and without an easy-to-use, time-efficient system it can simply be too much to bother with. 

However, without tracking your workouts you don’t get valuable information that you can benefit from at a later stage.

The best athletes in the world, whether they ride horses or compete in other sports, track their trainings to a T.

Riders who track their trainings will have a great advantage over their competitors.

Seeme function for horses on smartphone
Calendar system for horses on smartphone

There are two benefits that comes automatically when tracking workouts:

  1. You will do everything you can NOT to miss a training since
    a missed training will create a blank space in your calendar!

  2. You can SEE the progress towards your goal.

In order to get to the next level, you must acquire new knowledge and new routines
that will assist you along the way.

This applies whether you want to win a world cup or simply just become a better
rider and horse owner.

If there is one thing Darwin taught us it is that it’s not the strongest who survives it
is the most adaptable.

YOU must become the most adaptable!

New routines should preferably be easy to implement while not taking up too much time from other important tasks and routines.

Being able to track your training in a simple, time-efficient matter will provide you with a picture of how much better you are
getting as a rider an how much stronger and better your horse is becoming.

You can see the quality and consistency of your trainings and confirm that you are on your way to become who you want to be. 

As humans we have two limiting mindsets that hold us back in our achievements and reduce our chances of achieving our goals.

“That’s how we’ve always done it and it works well enough.”

 “Everyone else is doing it this way, so there must be the right way to do it”

We can always improve and it doesn’t always take that much effort to implement a change.

An important principle to know about is the 80/20-rule and it says that 80% of your results comes from 20% of your actions.

By identifying the most important actions, you can get incredible results!

HÆSTR's map and GPS solution gives you fantastic tracking-possibilities and it is designed to
take up as little of your valuable time as possible.

In less than 30 seconds you can track your future workouts!

The satellite map will show you where you have been and colored-coded tracks will show you how fast you have been going in the various places.

The results of your rides are automatically
integrated in the calendar.

Here you can find details from your previous rides with data such as duration, speeds, distance, altitude, score, intensity and more.

Send summaries of certain training periods to your friends and coaches to let them know your progress. 

The GPS-tracker also has a built-in function called SeeMe, where friends and family can keep up with your rides through their own smartphone in case something were to happen. Your safety as a rider cannot be taken too seriously.

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