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Celina (Showjumper)
Celina (Showjumper)@celina.gulbrandsen
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We love the app! I've tried out so many things, but this app is really beautiful in action. Everyone should use it!
Lisa (Dressage)
Lisa (Dressage)@maas.dressage
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It's awesome how anyone can easily keep track of their horse's diet now, making sure it's well-balanced. Plus, having one app for all our horse-related stuff is super handy.
June (Showjumper)
June (Showjumper)@appy_equine
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Love this app. it's super user-friendly!
So far, it's way easier than other apps I've tried. Thumbs up!
Kaja (Showjumping)
Kaja (Showjumping)@kaja.equestrian
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It's been a game-changer in figuring out the nutrients Carandor was missing!
It's an incredibly practical tool, making it easy to tweak and mix the right stuff for my horse.
Emilie (Showjumping)
Emilie (Showjumping)@emiliesvaboekolind
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I think the app is awesome! Love it!
Sunniva (Showjumping)
Sunniva (Showjumping)@sunniva.zurre
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It's been working great for me, especially the calendar and feed planning features. This app is a fantastic addition to my daily routine.
Tiril (Fjord-horse dressage)
Tiril (Fjord-horse dressage)@team.natten
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This app is super easy and straightforward, helping me keep track of the fjords with no hassle. Really clever app, and I'm so thankful for this brilliant idea!
Dina (Showjumping)
Dina (Showjumping)@dina.valler
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It's so easy to use. I've tried another app recently, but I feel like I'm getting more out of this one!
Silje (Dressage)
Silje (Dressage)@doctro_eq
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I'm absolutely loving this app! It's incredibly user-friendly. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Sofie (Showjumper)
Sofie (Showjumper)@sofieborgaard
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It's a phenomenal training diary that has significantly improved how I plan my daily activities with the horses.
Thea (Showjumper)
Thea (Showjumper)@tf.showjumping
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I've spent some time getting to know it, and I must say, it's absolutely brilliant!!!
Celine (Showjumper)
Celine (Showjumper)@celinegudoy.eq
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I found this app to be really great. It simplifies and clarifies tracking training sessions and other horse-related activities.
Marie (Showjumper)
Marie (Showjumper)@eq.nordli
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I find it incredibly practical and useful. It's perfect for maintaining control over both the training and dietary needs of my horse.
Pernille (Showjumper)
Pernille (Showjumper)@pernillekorsnes.eq
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I'm extremely pleased with this app! Having everything in one place is really convenient and makes things so much easier!
Rebecca (Dressage)
Rebecca (Dressage)@rbk.equ
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It's especially helpful for someone like me who's figuring out what my horse needs in terms of energy, sugar, vitamins, etc. I'm sure I'll really benefit from this!

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Never miss another appointment


Ensure your horse's well-being and excel their performance


Always find the info you're looking for

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