HÆSTR's unique system allows you to effortlessly store all information in one place

How you can set the right conditions for clearing your mind and amplifying your focus by gathering information that you want to keep in one place (outside of your mind).

Most of us, regardless of how conscientious we are, have at one point forgotten an appointment with the farrier, a vaccine or renewal of our rider license.

When the thing you forgot flashes in your mind, your heart skips a beat, the stress-response kicks in and you throw yourself around to save everything in the last moment.

Not fun..

Failure to bear all details and appointments in mind is not necessarily a reflection on you, but more a reflection of the system you’re using to store information.

Or a lack thereof.

You use tools such as Outlook/Google Calendar, notes on the phone, journals etc.

Some tools are better at storing information, some are better at giving reminders and some are better at presenting a decent overview.

However, none of them are good at everything and none of them were specifically designed for you and your horse.

You usually end up using a mix between the tools that are available and the information is spread in several places.

The result is that everything becomes more difficult to keep track of.

An annoying side effect is that you become unsure whether you have remembered everything and you unconsciously use a few extra percent of your brain capacity.

Sometimes it can even destroy your sleep quality!

Forgetting an appointment with the farrier forcing you to rush to the stable in the last moment is stressful enough.

But the consequence is not all that great..

A few pounding heartbeats later, the problem is solved.

However, forgetting a vaccine and risk missing the most important competition of the year?

Now that is way worse!

Keeping track of appointments and tasks can be a challenge for busy riders.

That’s why a single system, specifically designed for riders, that allows for custom notifications and stores historical logs of details is a GAME CHANGER.

Your uncertainty could finally be put aside, the sleepless nights could disappear, the feeling of competence can flourish and you can use this energy on future matters that takes you and your horse towards the goal that you want to achieve!

HÆSTR designed the perfect tool for riders to gather everything you want in one place:

  • Create profiles for all your horses 
  • Set up goals and activities
  • Get custom notifications
  • See history of all your appointments and tasks
  • Customized summary of training sessions
  • Weight calculator with an interactive graph
  • Built-in BCS table (Body Condition Score)
  • Look up saved images and checklists by their searchable titles and descriptions

And best of all, it requires almost nothing of your time!

With this system, you will for the first time be able to gather all the information you need and want in the same place.

And with the custom notification system, you can be sure you don’t forget a future appointment again!

With HÆSTR you will:

Journal for horses on smartphone


  1. Track your goals, tasks and appointments.
  2. Make better choices in the future based on all the information you now have available.
  3. Lower your shoulders because you now KNOW you are in control and you can FOCUS
    on your goal!

The energy and focus that was wasted earlier can now be used to become a better rider instead!

Finally, with HÆSTR it will be effortless to log all the information in a clear way.

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