The Secret To Keeping Your Documents Organized

Are you tired of spending hours searching through piles of paper, old notes and documents on your computer, trying to find the information you need?

Whether you need the:

  • microchip number
  • UELN
  • registration number for the stableyou’re at
  • health certificates
  • certificates of veterinary inspection
  • old score cards from competitions 
  • and the list goes on…

Unless you’re in the top 1% of organized horse owners you will find some information in one place and some in another, usually between a lot of other non-horse-related documents.

As a busy horse owner, the last thing you want to do is use a lot of your valuable time searching for documents and information you can’t find.

Just imagine all the documentation and information we have lost throughout the years. 

It’s usually lost for three different reasons:

  1. You left the documents someplace so clever they are too hard to find again
  2. The clever space was on your computer but the folders are just as disorganized as the physical documents you’ve got.
  3. You deemed the information as of little value and since you did not have an easy-to-use system to keep the information stored in, you threw it in the bin
    (after a couple of months on the shelf first of course..)

Documentation is an essential part for any horse owner, as it helps to keep track of important information and processes. 

However, without the correct system in place, documentation can be difficult to keep track of, leading to confusion, inefficiency and lost information.

Imagine all relevant (and irrelevant) documentation being stored in one place on your smartphone.

Every picture had a searchable title and description making it impossible NOT to find the information again.

Even your personal check list/packing list for remote competition could be found in the same place..

Existing tools like computer folders, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. fills up with a lot of non-horse-related content and inevitably becomes disorganized after a while. 

Don’t waste any more time searching for documents and information. Try equip and join the top 1% of organized horse owners.

We have designed and integrated an easy-to-use documentation system, dedicated to you and your horse.

The documentation is now:

  1. Always in the same place
  2. In a searchable structure
  3. So easy to save that the “irrelevant” information is kept until it becomes relevant

We’re here to let you know that in some instances you CAN have the cake and eat it too. 

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