The fastest and easiest way to get more organized!

How you can go from lack of overview to complete overview in just a few days!

Most commonly today people use physical journals and calendars to try and stay on top of their game.

They have a number of weaknesses that you must’ve experienced one time or another:

  • They quickly break
  • They become stained and ugly
  • You forget to bring it along when you need it
  • The size and format doesn’t suit you
  • You run out of pages
  • They get lost

There are a few digital apps/tools out there as well, but they are not designed and optimized for you and your horse(s).

Although there are many disadvantages to having a physical log book, it gives you a certain overview and control over what you are doing.

Not saving any information can cause appointments to be forgotten, important information to be lost and it gives a feeling that you are not in complete control.

This feeling, that you’re not in complete control increases your stress levels and takes your focus away from other important things, which in turn can contribute negatively to your future performance as a rider

Imagine having a digital calendar, designed and dedicated to horse keeping and training, that I connected to your journal and organizes the most important details and events for you, without you having to put much work or time into it at all!

The bad feeling of a lack of control is no longer present, your important information is stored digitally and you don’t miss any appointments anymore.

The things that hindered you before have now been eliminated and you have put in place a system that allows you to win.

The HÆSTR calendar is the nerve center of the application where everything connects. 

Information is retrieved automatically and displayed in a clear and well-designed fashion adapted to your needs – and it is very easy to use!

HÆSTR's calendar system:

  • Does not break
  • Does not become stained and ugly
  • Will never be forgotten (always in your pocket/purse)
  • The format is adapted to your needs
  • Will never be full or completed
  • The data is stored for as long as you want

It is time to get organized without wasting valuable time.

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Calendar system for horses on smartphone
Workout summary on smartphone

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